Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hot Ass Pineapple Review

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, one of those holidays (along with 4th of July and Thanksgiving) where we Americans love to cook. 

For many, it is the time to finally dust off the grill for the Summer and burn some meat, for me – it was a great opportunity to test out some of the new sauces sent to me by my friend Sean.

You might recall, a few months ago I gave a plug to Mission Beach Spice and Sauce. Mission Beach

A friend of mine from the Army was raising money to start up his own BBQ Sauce business – and now it has come to fruition.

I know, normally we focus on Smoking and Drinking – but this time we are making an exception.Sauce

Sean sent me three bottles (and a cool shirt) to try – and I honestly can say…….I was impressed.

The jars come in 8oz size and have an attractive logos that are very eye catching.

I personally like spicy stuff.  Just like I like flavorful cigars and liquor – these sauces definitely have it all.

The first I tried was the Hot Ass Pineapple, where I decided to do up some chicken.


After trying the sauce prior to basting, I realized it would be a bit to spicy for my son (at this time, they don’t have a Sweet Ass Pineapple) – so the first thing I did was some chicken, mixed two spoonfuls of sauce and some crushed pineapples (with the juice) into a grill pan and let it simmer for 40 minutes.  This I put on a bed of white rice.  Great combination as the rice soaks up the sauce and takes on the flavor well.

The other dish I made was just plain grilled chicken breast, basted as it cooked. 

This is where I have a singular complaint about any of the products – the Pineapple Sauce is just a little bit chunky, so it doesn’t work well with a basting brush.  This appears to be due to the fibrous nature of the fruit – not the process they used to to make it.  Of course, this is east to get around (a spoon works fine) and if this is my only nitpick…..then we are really spitting hairs.

The flavor was excellent, even when thinned for the simmered chicken.  The sweetness of the Pineapple was not overshadowed by the flavor of jalapeno – yet there was a nice kick at the end.  The key here, remember that a little bit goes a long way.

I really liked this sauce, and can’t wait to try the other two (for the purpose of disclosure, I already have and loved them – but those reviews are coming later).  

If you like hot and spicy – or just want to help out a Veteran start a business…..head over to their Webstore and buy a bottle (or two). 

I give this product a solid Four out of Five and endorse them 100%


Great Job Sean.


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  1. Got to get me some of that. I'm holding out for the H A Pineapple shirt.


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