Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Best Bartender Ever???


Meet Alexander Shtifanov, appearing on Україна має талант (Ukraine's Got Talent).

While I admit he is an good juggler, I think think calling him the best Bartender is a bit of a stretch. 

I’ve gone on record before, regarding TGIF and World Bartending Champion and how it is not real bartending.

It’s a show – hands down.

If I walked into a bar, and had to wait this long for a drink, I would have walked right back out.

I love America’s Got Talent, and other talent type shows, but I have noticed that certain “Act Recipes” from other countries have started creeping in (kid performers, crying/”Getting Goosies” and dance teams) – already Finland had a winner(s) who were Flair Bartenders in 2011, and now we have this.

Pretty Please Sharon, Howie and (most importantly) Howard – if a Flair Bartender comes on the show…….call him a juggler and send him on his way……preferably not to Vegas.

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