Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daily Double of This Day in History–May 30th

I think this is the first time we had a Double “This Day in History” and both involve nights of drinking.

The first has an interesting back story (I suggest you follow the link to Wikipedia on Mr. Marlowe) and the second is just funny – and also the bases of my own wake……I’m counting on you Alby.

Cheers -

May 30 1593

After a night of drinking, Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe (influencer of Shakespeare) is killed in the boarding house of Eleanor Bull. The official determination is that Ingram Frizer stabbed Marlowe in the head while they were fighting over the bill – now famously known as “The Reckoning”



May 30 1942

Returning home from a night of drinking and reminiscing about the recent death of John Barrymore (left), movie star Errol Flynn (right) flips on the lights and is horrified to discover Barrymore's corpse propped up in a living room chair. Some of Flynn's friends had given a funeral director $200 to borrow the body for a couple of hours.


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