Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creepy Dummies

I know I am a weird person – and I embrace it. 

Some things that others find off-putting, I laugh at or find entertaining.

Not long ago – I did find something rather disturbing (not S&B related however) called the Invisible Mother.  One of the few things that creeped me out in some time.

Well, Invizo-Mom has been unseated.

io9.Com ran a piece on Vintage Ventriloquism Portraits that take the cake.

Creepier than clowns, scarier than seeing your own Mom naked – this one will give you nightmares.  Go HERE for the “Fun:  I’ve included a taste for you below -

Sweet Dreams - Dummy1Dummy2Dummy3Dummy4












Ed Note- RetroNaut ran a similar series back in 2011, with many of the same pictures – The only S&B related that I culled from them was the last one – Jump on OVER HERE to see the rest. 

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