Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Quick Hits - May 7th 2012

I'll have anotherWelcome back to another Monday Quick Hits.  To kick things off, how did you do on the Kentucky Derby?  I’m not a better on the ponies, but if I were – Definitely would have won this time around, as how can you pick this horse? - I'll Have Another wins 138th Derby

Next up, we learn  How a 1909 Law Is Holding Back the Post Office.  The Postal Service has been getting its ass kicked for some time, by the far superior FedEx and UPS.  One of the reasons?  How about the Mailman 2ability to ship achohol, though the other two have no issue with it.  I personally do not think this will be the saving grace of Postal system.  They are heavily unionized and a government entity – so of course their entire staff is overpaid and dreg on society.  Their whole systems needs to be gutted, Post Offices in rural communities consolidated and a reduction in delivery schedule – better yet, privatize it.  But pinning part of their recovery on booze is a pipe dream.

The next article, really doesn’t do much for me, but it was sent in…so I’ll post.  Crisp white wines and one great local find.  Personally, I hate that we have to have a “Next Big Thing” – as drinking isn't a popularity contest (at least not to me).  People should drink what they like. 

Of course, I follow low-alcohol wines with one of the most disgusting articles I have read in awhile.  For the record, I have drank some disgusting shit in my time, but when I read - Meet the JMFB: Beef-Infused Rye, and a Whole Lot of Fire – I had to think I have met my match.  But if it floats your boat…..go for it.

BrewersWith Baseball Season in full swing, the guys at SaveOnBrew.Com have again compiled a new list, this time the  Best Baseball Parks to Enjoy a Craft Beer.  I’m not shocked that the city with a team called the Brewers wins….nor am I shocked that InBev doesn’t even make the list at Busch Stadium.

For something a little different, how about a glimpse into 1940’s New York City?  I love seeing shots from this time period – and this one has a vintage Cigar/Pipe and Bar signs.

New York

If you are into this kind of thing – how about the First picture of Barack Obama's first serious girlfriend... and how she went on to marry a Serbian boxer who is now one of New York's most famous bartenders.  From future President to Bartender….I think she stepped up.

Finally, I took two of my best friends in the world (Alby and Kendra) to 44 Stone for drinks last week – and they were kind enough to give their impressions.  For the record, Alby is one of the few people in the world who’s opinion I trust more than my own – I love him like a brother, so much that I named my son after him… it was great to get their reviews.

Alby - Very nice... good atmosphere and the staff are cordial and pleasant. Admittedly we sampled beer longer than I believe was planned but that in and of it's self tells of the excellence. Looking at the tap-cam I see that the changes that were ...talked about yesterday have been made. Avery's IPA was very good and the Founders American Porter was quite tasty... I do like their IPA selection and look forward to tasting the Southern Tier Double IPA.

Kendra- (who actually took notes) -My overall experience was a double thumbs up. Only tried the dessert as you know but I will be going back to explore the menu, if the dessert is any indication of what I can expect the food to be, I know I will not be disappointed. Now my notes on my overall drinking experience was awesome! I'm sure Jeffery added to that by recommending drinks to me. He started with a pint of Original Sin (Cider) from New York was a huge success with me (I had two pints.) Then I decided it was time for something different, not sure what I wanted, Jeffery again, made another suggestion this time I had a small glass of Golden Cap New Holland/Holland MI. This particular one I really enjoyed due to the smooth taste and also it had no after taste that seem to come with pilsners. The after taste just seemed to disappear like water it was a very feminine pilsner, a small taste of citrus. Golden Cap gets three star. Avery from Boulder, CO. Possibly my least favorite I sampled, getting one star, it was much more masculine having the richness and a lingering after taste. Somersett (sp?) from Ft. Collins, CO. again a lingering after taste, flavor was even a little heavier than I prefer but I still give it a two star. Overall experience I will give four stars out of five. The atmosphere, the knowledge of the staff is like none other. The owners seem to be very approachable making everyone patron and staff alike more relaxed and able to enjoy the experience. **Special Note: I have never been somewhere that the beer selection can change at any time. Pretty cool.Smile

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