Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Clique Vodka–A Review

This is another backlog item that has taken me a little while to review.

Part of it is due work (and my son’s baseball), part is the volume in my queue (scroll down HERE just to see a portion) and part is due to it being Vodka.

I have nothing against Vodka, in fact I love it for its versatility.  However, sometimes you have to go over it for a few days (in this case a few weeks) to find out how it mixes as well as how it goes straight.

CliqueFirst glance revealed a clear bottle that highlighted the “pureness” of the liquor.  Catchy and Unique colors, combined with a fun name, will definitely cause this to stand out behind the bar or on a store shelf.

Part of the marketing materials sent by Premier Innovations with the bottle, included two “Clickers”.  This actually made me laugh, as we use those at Users Conferences for people to signify their gratitude,appreciation or satisfaction at whatever is being said by the speakers. I know that at our next  conference, I will not be using our branded ones….but one blessed by liquor.  It just seems somehow fitting.

Clique Vodka

Appearance – It’s Vodka.  If its not crystal clear…….send it back.  Luckily Clique passed the test.

Nose – Light.  Less Grainy and more Grassy with a faint Citrus.

Taste – A creamy mouth feel and slight burn finish make this an acceptable stand alone.  The lower alcohol content (40%ABV) probably precludes this from entering my Top Shelf, but it doesn’t prevent me from pouring a shot from time to time.

The real shining moment for Clique is as a mixer.

I must have mixed 5-6 drinks (including the use of The Greatest Bloody Mary Mix EVER) and not once, even with my liberal pours, did the alcohol taste overtake the actual cocktail.  While I realize that this might not be suitable for some, to me – when doing mixes, you walk a fine line….and this is one I believe Clique did well in.

With a price point of approximately $15, I find this to be an excellent value for the money….and definitely puts it above the swill vodkas.  I would compare it to Boru or Sobieski, two great middle of the road vodkas that I also would not be ashamed to serve.

Stand Alone – 3 out of 5  Martini glassMartini glassMartini glass

Mixer – Solid 4 out of 5 Martini glassMartini glassMartini glassMartini glass

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