Friday, May 11, 2012

Quitters, Inc.

I love Stephen King stories (yes Alby, even the Stand).

To me, he creates a very vibrant and unusual world – sometimes something that marries well to what goes on in my own mind…..thus making it almost believable to me.

Many of his books, I have read and re-read over the years – and I recently started from “The Beginning” and have been working oldest to newest.

The other day- I picked up Night Shit, a collection of short stories from 1978.  One of those stories really does tie to us here at S&B (especially on a day when I will be posting THREE Cigar Reviews from MySideOfTheBar) – a story called Quitters, Inc.

The story follows Richard “Dick” Morrison as he attempts to quit smoking.  It is dark and twisted….and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I actually remembered seeing it first in the 1985 movie Cat’s Eye.  I even found a clip from that (Below) that captures the majority of the story.  Be warned, there are major (almost total) spoilers involved.

So – as my public service to you, remember – Das Bundesgesundheitsminster sagt das rauchen ist nicht serh gut fur deine gusundheit – maybe you need to visit Quitters, Inc.

Smoke’m if you gottem.

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