Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 31st - International Smoke-IN

We all know about those “Days” – those dates that someone arbitrarily state that August 5 is International Beer Day, or October 19th is World Spanking Party.  How about Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th) or most recently – May the 4th (be with you).

Its almost like every one of these day, the particular group involved wants to appear special – which is cool, especially if I can ignore it if I want to… rights are not infringed.

However, May the 31st is a “Day” coming up that I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to.

You see – May 31st has been decreed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as World No Tobacco Day

The World Health Organization is a bureaucratic wet mess, that uses United Nations funds to push their particular agendas.  Its through UN Treaties that the FDA is now enforcing new Cigarette Health Warnings that were recommended by the WHO. 

The WHO’s involvement with the UN should be the first red flag – as the level of corruption within that organization is unmatched – not even by Chicago.

A classic example of how the the WHO makes assertions and assumptions with data can be found in their documentation – Mortality Attributable to Tobacco.


Looking at this chart, one questions the data in this way – How many of these regions perform autopsies as often as the United States and/or Canada?  Because of this lack of hard statistical information – it invalidates the report.

We can also disqualify this data based on the coroner practices of our own country.  Just look at Whitney Houston’s Death – where the cause was “Accidental Drowning” – with Chronic Cocaine use and heart disease as contributing factors. 

I want you to think about that for a second.  She drowned, but they are linking poor health and a history of Drug use (even though she only had trace elements at the time).  Somewhere, a statistician just logged a Drowning Death, a Drug Death and a Heart Disease Death…..1 person = 3 statistics.  This is the same type of data manipulation that is used by MADD- where an accident with two sober drivers, yet a PASSANGER in the with alcohol in their system, counts as alcohol related accident, and the same type of fuzzy math used by the WHO.

How do these organizations get away with such BS Statistics?  By using passive words – such as Attributed, Related and Contributing.  These things are not the sole cause, nor are they even close – but it allows them to promote their agenda and keeps the cash rolling in.

So how do you fight this?

You really can’t.  If the Tobacco Industry, with all their resources, throws up their hands at this point – what can we do?

About the only thing that can be done – spread the world of what a fraud these groups are….and of course, smoke up on May 31st.

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