Thursday, May 24, 2012

Johnnie Walker Review–All Four

We all know regular contributor -The Professor from MySideOfTheBar - Well here is an  excellent FOUR Whiskey Review of the Johnnie Walker line, where he blind tasted them against each other.

The Professor Side Note: I had to try this Scotch with a splash of water and what was excellent neat, was even better with a touch of water (could have used one cube of ice) The already great taste was even better.

What were the results of the blind tasting?  Here they are in Reverse Order -


Johnnie Walker Goldgold

  • Nose: Caramel and a little Smokey
  • Taste: Creamy and light
  • Finish: Very smooth

Overall: For the price (Avg. 74.00 USD) I would pass on this as a regular Scotch I would carry.

Side Note: The label stated this was good frozen so I gave it a try and found it thicker, smokier and smoother. However, my original overall evaluation stands.

Johnnie Walker RedRed

  • Nose: Very light hint of caramel and no smoke
  • Taste: Smoother than Gold on the tongue
  • Finish: Smooth

Overall: For the price (Avg. 20.00 USD) of Johnny Walker Red I would not hesitate to carry as one of my standard bar Scotch

Johnnie Walker Black

  • Nose: Very, very light on nose
  • Taste: Initially light and smooth
  • Finish: Smoothest of the four

Overall: For the price (30.00 USD) I would and do carry this Scotch regularly at MySideOfTheBar. A excellent tasting Scotch and great with a good Cigar.

Johnnie Walker Blueblue

  • Nose: Sweet almost to the point of fruity
  • Taste: Very light and mineral evident
  • Finish: Very light finish

Overall: What can I say for the cost (170.00 USD) this is and better be a very, very fine Scotch. I really enjoyed this and while the cost of carrying this Scotch for an everyday Scotch is a bit high I would not hesitate to purchase for special occasions.


The Professor


  1. Yes, I know Johnnie Walker puts out more than four different brands - in particular, Green comes to mind.

    I was just shocked to get Four of them lined up when I got the review.

  2. The real question is do you drink your scotch in the hot tub with some steak and waffles? A la Anchorman?

  3. Of course we do - does this mean you dont Jeff? :P


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