Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tap 357–Breakfast in a glass (review)

Every now and then a unique product comes along that really perks my ears up and makes me say Hmmmmm.

Enter Tap 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whisky.

Tap 357I like Maple Syrup, I like Rye and I definitely love Whisky – how could this go wrong?

The sample bottle I received included two bottles of maple syrup (yes @SweetxTreats I still have them for you – PM me your address) and really nice leather coaster.  The overall packaging of the bottle and presentation, while not eye, harkened back to the “Old Timers” bottles you (such as Bulleit) and fit the Rye Whiskey theme.

A blended Canadian Whiskey from multiple ages (3, 5 and years), I honestly believe this is the only one on the market that combines with maple syrup for flavoring – in this case Canada 1 Light syrup from Quebec.

Tap 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whiskey


  • Appearance – Bottled, the whiskey has a deep golden color – one that lightens to a thin and light honey hue when glassed.
  • Nose – A sweet smell that takes one back to breakfast at Grandma’s.  The maple syrup aroma ALMOST completely overwhelms the whiskey, and there is only the slightest hint of rye and grass.
  • Taste – A sweet flavor bomb immediately goes off, as the maple flavors blend with a whiskey burn.  Again, not much Rye – but the complex brown sugar, malt and slight taste of orange.

I actually sampled this whiskey 3 different times in different situations, and I rate them accordingly -

At Home – Neat and just as a sample glass (pictured above).  For a sampling session, this worked really well – but not a step out and WOW factor.  Likeable, but nothing standing out.  A solid three stars out of five.Martini glassMartini glassMartini glass

At 44 Stone – Not only did I get to try this with some of my Booze Peers, but a couple that remembered me from a wine tasting were there.  He happens to work in Canada, and the label caught his eye.  This is one of the areas this whiskey shined, as it’s a great social drink.  First, anyone can drink it – including those with light palettes or women who don’t like whiskey.  Secondly, everyone socializing and discussing the flavors.  Finally, how would you pair it.  This lead to great conversations, and the staff at 44 Stone said they were going to stock – possibly even looking at ways to incorporate into the menu.  While still a solid three (verging on a four), this now makes the list as something I would highly recommend if I saw it at a bar.  Martini glassMartini glassMartini glass

At Home with a Cigar – Another excellent way to enjoy this drink.  At the time, I was writing the J&D Temptation review – and at the end, I normally like some type of whiskey or scotch to pair with.  This was a natural pairing, with the mild coffee and oakyness blending exceptionally well with the sweet maple taste.  This is where I was truly won over – and definitely the niche market.  If you like cigars or own a smoke shop, stock one of these just for fun.  I actually would be interested with what Ted’s Cigars could do with this one.
Due to the excellent pairing, this immediately moves to four out of five, and becomes something I will stock at home.                      Martini glassMartini glassMartini glassMartini glass

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  1. Definitely on our list to try. Thanks for the suggestion. Great review.


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