Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Monday Quick Hits

To keep the Memorial Day rolling, I thought I would do a special post, focusing on Veterans and our Fallen Heroes.

So, before we get to far into this - How about taking a moment to visit Honor the Fallen , a site honoring those who fought and died in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

Thank You.

Now, Bud3I know I can be pretty critical of Anheuser Busch and InBev.  Just last night I tried Budweiser Platinum – and I cannot even print my thoughts.  BUT, I do give credit where credit is due – and I really respect their Walk Off a Hero Program and their donations to the Folds of Honor Foundation. To date, this program has donated over $300K and the season isn't over yet.  Well Played Sir – Well Played.

Budweiser is continuing their 100+ year commitment to the brave men and women of the U.S. armed forces by again partnering with the Folds of Honor Foundation to honor the sacrifices of the fallen and support their families through scholarships and other opportunities. Budweiser is dedicating the 2012 baseball season to recognizing their sacrifices through the Walk-Off A Hero program; for every walk-off win, Budweiser will donate $5,000 to Folds of Honor. Budweiser is also pleased to feature special patriotic cans and bottles available in stores this summer. Additionally, Budweiser will be donating a portion of sales 5/20 – 7/7 to FHF. These programs are all part of an effort to raise as much as $2.5 million. The partnership between FHF and Budweiser will significantly expand the mission of FHF to help these deserving military families.

Its no secret that I am a huge Notre Dame Fan. Not only do I love the football, but I also appreciate and respect the message that the University puts out. They really do cultivate high quality men and women – and a great example can be found in Brady Quinn. Brady has started the 3rd And Goal Foundation – an organization dedicated to helping Homeless Veterans in Indiana and Ohio. Being both a Hoosier (don’t snicker Alby) and a Veteran, I cannot overstate how grateful I am to him for this. But then again, this is what I would expect from the son of a Marine and graduate of Notre Dame. Now if we can just get him to update the video to say the Chiefs.


Who recalls my post about 50 Back, the beer that helps veterans?  Sadly, you still cannot get it in Missouri – but if I could, this would definitely become my Go-To beer.  HINT HINT HINT.


Back in 2010, I blogged about the Doolittle Raiders.  I even commented back then that it would have made a good Memorial Day Post, so I thought I would LINK back to today as a reminder of that great generation.  Sadly, only 5 of the Raiders are still with us, and I fear the day is coming when that bottle of Hennessey is finally opened.


In closing, I realize that Memorial Day is about honoring those who have have given that ultimate sacrifice to help keep our nation free, and that is why I opened this post with the link to Honor the Fallen.

But, I like to think that those who have died would like us to take care of the living as well – Their Comrades, Shipmates, Wingmen, Brothers and Sisters.  Which is why I posted about the three charities above.  Please consider donating if you can.  If you can’t, then just tell a Veteran “Thanks” – to most of us, that is enough.

Finally – In honor of Memorial Day, I think this picture says it all-

Memorial Day 2

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