Friday, May 4, 2012

A comment from Glenn and Joke from Charlie

Its not often that Glenn sends me stuff, but it has been picking up lately – take this story and comment from Facebook -

Glenn- Love this story Ed... man accused of smuggling 2,357 litres of beer, 158 litres of pre-mixed drinks, 12 litres of wine, and 15 litres of spirits into Sweden beats the smuggling charges as the court reinforces a Supreme Court ruling that large quantities of booze for personal consumption does not violate smuggling law. Kudos to the Swedes!

Man beats smuggling rap because he 'drinks a lot'

A man who was caught taking thousands of litres of beer and other alcoholic beverages into Sweden has been acquitted of smuggling charges after a court ruled it's plausible the man simply "drinks a lot". The 23-year-old man was stopped in October 2011 after entering the town of Helsingborg on Swede...

Funny Story and very pertinent to S&B. 

When one injects this joke/comment from Charlie – it made me smile today. 

Charlie- I was once arrested for stealing 11 bottles of whiskey...the charges were dropped because my lawyer successfully argued that you can't make a case out of 11 bottles. <rim shot>

Thanks Guys

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