Monday, July 8, 2013

Scotch Flavored Condoms

You know, there are bizarre items – and then there are things like this, that the internet was totally invented for.  Thanks Donnie for sending this pick over.

Now I don’t want to sound sexist – but I don't know many women that enjoy Scotch Whisky.  Especially cheap Scotch with a latex aftertaste. So, I am not sure what who the “Target Market” is, but I did a little more research.

“McCondoms” apparently can be purchased in gift shops throughout Scotland – although the price appears to be marked up.

If you are the serious connoisseur – and a bit frugal, you can by them in bulk for Heritage of Scotland – There they can be purchased for £1.24 vs the apparent £2.75 listed above.


Here is the direct link to the item -,649,cid,243038,product.php#.UdrNNW0pk1I

It appears that this is the only online outlet for them – and I can find nothing about the manufacturer.  Perhaps the good people at Heritage can answer a few questions – or point me in the right direction (feel free to email me at 

If anyone wants to review them and report back – I would love to “print” it here on the site. 

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