Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America – Brew Free or Die Review

Brew Free CanI’m a sucker for gadgets and catchy bottles (this will be highlighted in a future series), so 21st Amendments – Brew Free or Die IPA  would have had me at word go….regardless of how the beer tastes.

With Abe Lincoln coming out of Mt Rushmore, looking like he is about to kick your ass – I can almost hear him saying “Brew Free or Die B*****!”.  What's not to love?

21st Amendment Brewery is a San Francisco Brewery established in 2000.


They have several beers in their folio – with a quite a few being “Independence Oriented”.  In particular, I can’t wait to track down Back in Black (Inspired by Paul Reveres Ride) and Sneak Attack (Washington crossing the Delaware).  Those two alone, combined iwth Brew Free or Die, would make an excellent shelf over any bar…they look that good.  And if my wife is reading this (and getting Christmas ideas) – they also have your Barleywine in a can (Lower DeBoom).

So, I know what everyone is saying – Presentation looks great…but how is the beer?

Brew Free or Die Review


  • Brew Free or Die Source – Can
  • Alcohol Content – 7% with an IBU score of 78 
  • Appearance-  Great Carbonation -Very heady, with tight latticing bubbles and a continued effervescence throughout consumption.  Very clear with a color of orangish gold.
  • Nose -  Malt and Carmel lurk behind the moderate citrus and floral nose.  In particular, this was brought out as I drank and agitated the beer somewhat. 
  • Taste – Smooth mouthfeel and the aforementioned carbonation, combine with up front piney bitterness and citrus (with hints of malt) to provide a really refreshing taste combination.

Overall – Just when I talk with Alby, wondering if the IPA market has tapped out and jumped the shark – along comes 21st Amendment to bring me back into the fold.

An above average (verging on Excellent) beer that doesn’t try to overwhelm you with “How much hops can packed into a bottle (or can)?”.  In fact, this appears to be one that focuses on Quality over Quantity – and in plays out well. 

Not only is this beer satisfying, but very drinkable, even for non-Hop Heads in the crowd.  The Hops doesn't burn you out after 2 or 3, and I could see myself working through an entire 6-pack rather effortlessly.

I guess, a true testament of my opinion of this beer is not the 4.5 out of 5 stars that I give it – but to the fact that I now have stocked a shelf in my beer fridge with it…hopefully soon to be visited by their other brother beers from 21st Amendment.

Great job guys……and to everyone else, Happy 4th of July.


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  1. Truth is in the one line; "The Hops doesn't burn you out after 2 or 3..." Honestly, it seems IPA's have started going to the N'th degree to get that "I'm hoppier than you" badge. They forget to blend the flavors and make it taste great and do what you stated and burn you out. I'm glad there is someone who stepped back and did it right. I'll be looking for this one Ed... thanks for the post.


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