Friday, August 23, 2013

Words I never thought I would utter….

Irish Pub Well – I NEVER thought I would say this….but I finally found an Irish Pub that I will not go to.

There are many pubs that call themselves Irish that I find questionable at best, McNally’s in CoMO comes instantly to mind, but I can usually find some redeeming quality about them…that is until I read the below story about Finnegan’s in Stockton CA.

Forget that they are having a Live Burlesque Show on Friday, tout their $2 Bud Light, Coors Light and “Irish” Fish Tacos, or the fact that their claim to “Authentic Irish Food” is anything named with Guinness, Irish, Dublin or has Corned Beef and Cabbage on it (don’t believe me, check out their two page menu – Page 1 & Page 2)

Instead – they have decided to use Facebook as a virtual bouncer.  If you want to get in after 9PM….you better have liked them on Facebook, and they like you back. 

That’s right, the same Facebook we all love to hate – the one that constantly changes their privacy settings and users agreement so that your information can be shared however they want.  Meanwhile, you are opening up your personal life – just to get into a bar. 

Sorry folks, but some of the best bars I have ever been to have been Irish Pubs… the US, UK and Ireland, even Germany (looking at you Gary S.).  In every one of those – I have been welcomed with open arms, treated like family and had some damn good Irish cuisine over the years.

Sorry Finnegan’s – While I doubt that I get to Stockton anytime soon (although you never know) I will be sure to skip (and recommend the same to my readers) your establishment.  In fact – if you are looking for a great Irish Pub in California…..check out Dublin’s Irish Pub in LA.  As many of my friends can attest – they know how to treat you like a VIP.

Cheers -

PS – to get the sour taste out of your mouth….after the story, I dropped some classic Irish Music in for ya….

Facebook Is New Bouncer At Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Stockton

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A Stockton Bar owner came up with a way to keep questionable customers out and good customers coming back—people need to become his friend on Facebook before they’re allowed in.

The only way you’ll get into Finnegan’s Irish Pub after 9 p.m. is if they Like you.

“We’re friends.”

And that friendship has to come from Facebook.

“I use Facebook a lot.”

And so does the pub.

Tony Mannor, the pub’s owner, says they use Facebook to screen visitors and keep the establishment safe.

They had no other choice.

“As we became more popular we also attracted some trouble. People don’t know how to have a good time.”

They had problems with undesirables.

“We really didn’t want to attract that crowd.”

So they came up with the idea of requiring people who show up after 9 p.m. to become facebook friends.

But you still couldn’t get on the special guest list until Tony checked out your profile page to see what kind of person you really are.

Tony says Facebook is the best bouncer he’s ever had.

“It eliminated nearly all of our troubles.”

Your Facebook ID is now checked at the door.

“The bouncer actually stands at the front door with a computer to make sure you’re guest,” pub Facebook friend Debbie Walters said.

Guests love the idea. They feel safer.

“For the most part there’s not a lot of trouble here because people know that they can be identified if the do cause trouble.”

Tony says they have about 10,000 friends on Facebook right now.

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  1. Unfortunately, as is common to happen, the news focuses on some small nugget. They "quoted" me tosaying things I never said and misrepresented how we use fFacebook. But I guess that's what makes news interesting.

    If you would like to ACTUALLY know how we use Facebook, I would be happy to share it with you. As for being an Irish Pub... My grandparents came over from County Down. We are more of an Irish American Pub and have a variety of food. I really do have to get our website menu updated. Its a bit old and inaccurate.


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