Sunday, August 11, 2013

American Badass Beer – Yes Please

We’ve been big fans of Kid Rock here at S&B for some time.  Not always because of his music (everyone has different tastes) – but instead, due to his commitment to the US Troops and helping others.

Well – Now he is making beer….and I love the idea.

kr_badassCurrently, the city of Detroit is going through some tough times.  With the decline of the Auto Industry, we have seen the city shink from its all time high of 1,850,000 residents to the current 701,000.  Whole city blocks are shutting down – and businesses are leaving faster than rats from the Titanic.

To me, anyone bringing any type of business into the region should be applauded….and enter Kid Rock.

Here is the Press Release from his website:

Tomorrow, August 9th at DTE Energy Music Theatre, American Badass Beer makes it's long awaited return!  We've been busy the last few months.  Busy gathering the best equipment and the finest ingredients available in order to construct a world class brewery and brew beer right here in DOWNTOWN DETROIT.  Badass Beer will be on draft for the entire run of shows but it won't stop there.  Later this fall we're going to be back in local bars and restaurants, and shortly thereafter you can plan on having Badass on store shelves in cans and bottles throughout Michigan.

We'll keep you updated as we roll out the plan.  We're excited for all you Kid Rock fans (who are lucky enough to have a ticket) to preview Badass during the upcoming concerts at DTE. Badass Beer.

To me – this is great news, not only for beer drinkers….but the People of Detroit.  If only we can have some assurances of National distribution and a promise of never selling out to InBev….I would be in 1000%.

Sadly, I currently live in VA – so the odds of this beer making it to me within the next millenium are pretty slim.  So if anyone in Detroit sees this and wants to send me a 6pack – Email me at and we can work something out.  I would love to review it.

Great job Kid Rock – at least someone in the Entertainment Industry gets is.


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