Sunday, August 5, 2012

Third time is a charm for Kid Rock

I like Kid Rock’s Music.  Its not my all time favorite, but I have a few songs in my playlist.Rock

After this, I’ll be adding a few more.

Kid (or is it  Mr. Rock) has been listed here twice before (Jim Beam and Kid Rock, and Kid Rock Steps Up Again), so it really doesn't surprise me he is making a Third Appearance.

You see, Kid Rock and Jim Beam have partnered again to support the Military – This time by providing musical instruments to them, both here and overseas.

Having been deployed myself several times, I know what an impact music has on on the morale of our troops – so this (IMO) is a great program.

You to can help -  Text SALUTE to 27722 and donate $5, or visit Operation Homefront to do what you can.

Every little bit helps, and is nothing compared to the sacrifice of our brave men and women. 

A big THANK YOU goes out to Kid Rock and Jim Beam for making this happen.


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