Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blackmail Material

Ok – I bet I can hear some collective sighs of relief when people open this post and see its not about them….especially since I found an old camera today and have been sending around some pictures from it (you know who you are).

Anyway – with the the Notre Dame Football season just a few days away – I was reminded of these pictures of James taken at Truman’s Bar and Grill in CoMO. 

When James was younger, we used to go there after my softball games (who hear remembers the TB Smokers?) because they had Cheap Stag…..and according to the commercials “A Midget!!!”.

One time while we were there, they dressed James up in the Midget’s Leprechaun costume and he ran around the bar.  He’ll love these pictures in about 10 years.  Smile

Since we are tentatively planning on being at Truman’s Saturday morning to watch the ND Game…I thought this might be the time to break them out again.

Enjoy -


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  1. Trumans had the BEST after-game fare. A tub of cheap canned beer (stag, Olympia, and Hamm’s) and a cheap breakfast ribeye. Or pork burger.


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