Thursday, August 9, 2012

Send a Troop a Man Crate–Contest

Man Crate Contest

Sometimes I wonder if I miss-named this blog. 

Perhaps I should have named it Soldiers, Smokes and Booze – because many of my posts tend to be about helping those in the Military (usually through some tie to smoking and drinking). 

Case in point would be the recent post about Kid Rock.

Anyway – as I always strive to tie them all together, here is another way you can help a Active Duty or Reserve Military Member….and it doesn't cost a cent (just a little writing).  It’s a nomination contest from the folks at Man Crates:

Man Crates for the Troops

We're big fans of the men and women of our military. That's why we want to give something back. If you know an active-duty or reserve soldier, sailor, marine, airman, or coast guardsman who might like a Man Crate, fill out the form below.
Tell us a little about what makes him special—did he have a particularly hilarious shore leave involving some unsavoury characters? do something brave or heroic? make life in the FOB a little easier for the rest of the guys in his unit? We'll take submissions through September 1st. We'll read through all of the entries, pick a favorite (or two), and ship him a Man Crate to any US or APO address, on us.
To sweeten the deal, if you're currently active-duty or reserve and your submission is selected, we'll send you a free Man Crate, too. It's our humblest way of saying "thank you" for everything our troops do to keep us safe.

Now, I am sure you are asking – What American Beer Crateare “Man Crates”?  Well, while I cannot personally vouch for the product…I can say it looks intriguing.  What they do is stuff a crate full of stuff that a man (and some women) would like and ship it off….complete with mini-crowbar.  Each crate is themed (the one shown is called the American Beer Crate) and really seems to catch the essence of Manliness.

What I particularly like – is what these crates do NOT Contain:


  • Bows
  • Ribbons
  • Wicker baskets
  • Cellophane wrapping
  • Fluff
  • Instructions.  Did we mention that these crates are for guys?

We all know SOMEONE who is serving somewhere – and this is a great opportunity to possibly get them some recognition.

So head over to, tell them a little bit about the person you are nominating and give it a go.

Somewhere, there will be one happy Service Member when this arrives.

Cheers -

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