Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Woman accused of Stealing a lot of Booze from Walmart

While I understand how you can get that much out of a Shoppette – how do you get that much booze out of a Walmart?  Also, did she pass Walmart’s Age Verification Policy?

Woman accused of stealing $1,800 in alcohol from Wal-Mart

FREMONT — An Omaha woman is suspected of stealing more than $1,800 in alcohol from a Wal-Mart in Fremont.

Lindsay Foral, 34, was arrested Sunday. Officers were called when Floral was accused of walking out of the store with more than $800 worth of alcohol. She also was accused of stealing more than $1,000 worth of alcohol earlier in day.

Foral was arrested for felony shoplifting. Police say she's suspected of pulling off similar thefts in Omaha.



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  1. For the record - the picture above is NOT Lindsay Foral....its just added from effect.


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