Monday, August 20, 2012

I love reader’s feedback

I love going back and looking at reader’s comments.

I never delete them (unless they are SPAM or trying to sell something), because I believe everyone has an opinion and a right to state it.

Friday I had a good one from John M. regarding the post – My Brother was (sorta) famous… buy my wine.

Randy wasn't "sorta" famous, he is known as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, you HAVENT got a clue of what you're talking about. And so what if she makes a few bucks, you don't think Randy would support his sister being in business?

This is the second negative comment (and the funniest) on this subject, so I thought I would retort.

First off – I stand by my statement that Randy was “Sorta” famous.  If you asked 100 people, I would wager that only 10% would know who he was, who he played for and how he died.  Its a generational thing, and his window of fame is so small that it doesn't transcend well.  It doesn't take away from his body of work – but over time people forget. 

A classic example is this clip of Roy Clark I found this weekend – pure genius.  But kids today would have no idea who he was.  He’ll never be as famous as Eddie Van Halen, but if you were to ask those of us who grew up in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s – they recognize him immediately.  See, Generational.

That leads my second comment – why his sister (and Ozzy for that matter) are being money grabbers here.  You see, everything is about “The Brand”.  Ozzy knows this (as he is manipulated by gold-diggerSharron), and so do other bands (such as KISS).  They have a certain image to maintain so they can continue to make money without having to change much.  They believe they have a working formula and they fear deviation will lose them fans.  Its the same in all industries (who here remembers New Coke?) and it Brand is highly protected. 

So, do I think Randy would support his sister being in business – yes I do.  Do I think he would allow her to use his image?  Not on your life.

I do appreciate your (and everyone else's) feedback – but you can’t sway my opinion here.  Instead, you only caused me to do a little more reading on Randy (funny – I never knew he slept with Sharon Osborne) and listen to some music. 

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