Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three Days to Go–Father Hesburgh

Not many people realize that Notre Dame doesn’t have Fraternities – but instead they have Residence Halls. 

Each year, Notre Dame's 2,100 incoming freshmen are divided amongst 28 residents halls and one house.  Residence halls at the University of Notre Dame are unique among universities, with most students remaining in the same hall for their entire tenure at Notre Dame. As such, they function much more like the aforementioned fraternities (or sororities) than a typical residence hall at a state school for example.

All of the halls at Notre Dame have a unique culture and history that makes them notable and unique, unlike most residential halls at other Universities.

With that background – its great to recognize Students Celebrate with Hesburgh

“Zahm House celebrated its 75th anniversary Sunday by honoring one of the few people on campus older than the dorm itself: 95-year-old University President Emeritus Fr. Theodore Hesburgh.”

Smokes and Booze would like to congratulate Zahm and highlight another comment (and Picture) from the article.  Also, if you are looking for a quick read on Father Hesburgh – I suggest this Wiki Article as a primer.

Fthr H“Senior Peter Flores said the experience of smoking cigars with Hesburgh is unforgettable.

“Fr. Ted is known for smoking a cigar or two, and there’s no greater bonding experience among men than smoking a cigar with a guy you look up to,” Flores said.”

I totally agree. 

Here is Father Hesburgh talking about From Trains to Planes (from the 125 Years of Notre Dame Football)


– Cheers.

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