Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy 111th Birthday Beulah Christie

What a great lady – and we wish her 111 more years.

You can read about here HERE – but here are some excerpts pertaining to Smokes and Booze.

Cheers Beulah -

A cigar roller for White Owl and William Penn cigar companies by age 17, she married Ruben Christie on Sept. 24, 1923.

And -

With a little prodding, Christie will tell the story of how, during Prohibition, she and her husband operated a “blind pig” — a place that sold illegal booze — in the basement of their Detroit home. 

The night she let two men in and they opened their coats to reveal police badges, “I just about fell to the floor,” she said, giggling. “I had never been in trouble.”

That was the last time, too, Christie said. She was released, while her husband “spent a couple of days in jail.”

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