Sunday, August 12, 2012

La Gloria Wavell Natural Review

Last night was movie night.

With the weather finely getting mild enough to sit outside, I decided to go to some old staples- The Wild Bunch, Jim Beam and a La Gloria Wavell Natural.

I went with the movie The Wild Bunch for a couple of reasons.  First, I was reminded by it due to my recent post – a Picture of the Original Wild Bunch.  Even though they are completely unrelated, the name stuck in my head.  Secondly, what better opening scene to smoke and drink to than the shoot out with the Temperance Movement marching through?  Such a classic movie.

Now, I am not going to review the Beam here, as it is a staple that should be in everyone’s liquor cabinet.  You can mix it or drink it straight, and while it is not my standard “Go-To” Bourbon, with all the charity work they do for our Military (HERE and HERE are two examples), I thought the least I can do is throw some money their way.  Well done lads.

The La Gloria cigar is also one I revisit from time to time, and has been a staple in MY Humidor since we got it.  Since I had a box sent to me recently, I thought I would give it the official look.

Beam and CigarLa Gloria Wavell Natural

  • Wrapper – Ecuadoran Sumatra
  • Filler – Dominican, Nicaraguan
  • Binder - Nicaraguan

Appearance – A few veins, but not distracting from the overall appearance of the cigar.  I wanted to add, that I love the wrapper – as the nostalgic representation of a woman just screams “Cigar” to me.

Light, Draw and Burn– Easy to light, with a consistent and steady burn throughout.  What I particularly liked was the cigar staying lit the entire time and it required no touchups. I attribute that to the excellent draw and flow.  The ash held nice and had hardly any flaking. 

Flavor – A very smoky cigar during the first 1/3, I really enjoyed the light flavors of leather, spice (nutmeg) and a surprising amount of sweetness that lingered after the exhale.  Once you get to the last 2/3’s, the amount of smoke subsides a little (but not much) and flavors really blend well.  A hint of coco comes in, and you begin to get some of the oils that create a silky mouthfeel. 

I can easily see why the La Gloria Line consistently score in the 90s by Cigar Aficionado.  This is a great cigar and an excellent every day smoke.  I’ve been smoking them for over a week, and I still haven't gotten bored (which is saying something with my ADD).

Often, I am asked “What is a good cigar for newbies” – well, this is it.  If you are new to cigars, or If you are looking to stock you humidor – this is the perfect stick to get you started.  I give it a 5 out of 5 Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

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