Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hugh Hefner’s Favorite Place in the Playboy Mansion

Recently I read where Hugh Hefner was quoted as saying 

My favorite best-kept secret about the Playboy Mansion is . . . The wine cellar. The house was built in 1927 during Prohibition, and there is a secret panel that leads to what is now the wine cellar, but it used to be where they stocked the liquor.

This inspired me to do a little searching (at 2AM) on the Playboy Mansion and I was surprised about how little is actually out there about this room …..possibly explained by this clip with Playmate Holly:

I did find what I believe to be one picture inside the Cellar – published by Big Brother Playboy, although I cannot swear to its authenticity.  That being said – I have farmed this out to a friend that I trust and will get back if she says it is real.



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