Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hooters vs Joe Biden

First of all, I never knew that Hooters originated in Tampa – but then again…why would I care.

Secondly, “Uncle Joe” tops the list of politicians that I would love to get drunk with.  For those of you who were with me in Germany – He just reminds me of the “Uncle Scott” stories.  He’s the crazy relative that gets drunk, speaks his mind (which nobody can James Hootersunderstand), pisses everyone off and then passes out on the lawn.  I guess getting drunk with him would be a bit of a vacation for me….because then I wouldn't have to play this role.

Finally – am I the only one that wishes Hooters would bring back the buxom women again.  The last few times I have been there, pickins were mighty slim.  At least James had fun.

Anyway……here is the story for today:


Hooters Welcomes Joe Biden to Tampa

Vice President Joe Biden cancelled his scheduled trip to the Republican convention in Tampa because of the threat of bad weather, but that has not stopped a local Hooters restaurant (in nearby Clearwater, Florida) from welcoming him to the area anyway. Here's a picture, which mocks Biden for recently getting his location wrong at a campaign event:



The gaffe occurred when Biden said he was in North Carolina, at a campaign stop in Virginia.

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