Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kid Rock steps up again

This past Saturday, Kid Rock stepped up again and showed why he is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.

It’s not because of his music, although I do enjoy quite a bit of it, but instead because of his actions.

In this world where performers want to make a political statement for this candidate or that, it is refreshing to see someone push that aside and focus on the people making sacrifices.

First he recognized Vietnam Vets, now we have Aaron Brank and Dale Strain entering the picture.

Neither Strain or Brank had tickets to Saturday’s show at the Machine Shop in Flint Michigan, but they put on their uniforms anyway and hung around the backstage area. It didn’t take long and they were brought back and were meeting with the singer, where they discussed several things, including touring….both Kid Rocks (and how he gives free USO Shows) and theirs (they deploy in July to Afghanistan).

The soldiers treated to an excellent concert and were further humbled at the end of the show, when (during the last song “Born Free”) when Kid Rock shouted “God Bless you for your service” and lead the crowd in a cheer for them.

Needless to say, as a former veteran myself, I am happy to see these young men have an evening to enjoy themselves and receive the recognition and support that they (and all other service members) deserve.

Here is a big S&B Thank You to Messrs. Brank and Strain for helping keeping America free, and a special thank you to Kid Rock for showing this skeptical old fart that there is some good still in the entertainment industry. You are 2-0 in my book.


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