Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day and VeeV Spirits (Review)

Before I get to deep into this, I’m sure everyone is thinking “What, Ed is concerned about the environment?”.

veevWhile I am not a tree hugger by any means (and I am sure some of you have heard my recycling stories from Germany), I do think people can be responsible. Should it be mandated by the government? No. But if everyone took ownership, things would be much better across the board (not just being Green either).

So I was really excited to get a bottle of VeeV, because I applaud their message and like the uniqueness of the product.

As the first spirit made from the Açaí berry (pronounced ah-SIGH-ee), VEEV enters the mark place as not only a unique brand, but one that takes conservation rather seriously….here are a few examples-

  • Veev distilleries are the only ones in the world to get their energy renewable wind energy and they use a 4-Column distillation process that uses 200% less energy.
  • They are the Industry’s first Certified Carbon Neutral Spirits Company.
  • To reduce the carbon footprint, all of the other ingredients (other then the Brazilian Acai berries), are locally produced.
  • $1 for every bottle sold is donated to Rainforest Preservation.

In honor of Earth Day, VeeV is running several promotions on Facebook.


Stepping away from the company and focusing on the spirit - The main ingredient is the Açaí berry, which resembles a blueberry, is a product from Brazil and has been touted on Oprah as the “Number 1 Super Food”.

I found it interesting that no-one had made a liquor out of this (I thought mankind had made booze out of anything imaginable), so I was particularly keen to try.

Tasting (as always- Neat)

  • Color- Crystal Clear
  • Nose- Extremely Tropical and Fruity. Hints of Orange and Almond round everything out with a slight alcohol undertone.
  • Tasting – A smooth, creamy mouth-feel compliments the fruity flavors. The “Orange” definitely come forward, but leaves a hint of acidity and sourness (lime). I particularly like the way the Nose and Taste combine with the alcohol to rise from the palette back through nasal passage so you re-experience the “taste” through the sinuses.
  • Finish - The thickness of the liquor leaves a somewhat oiliness (although not in a bad way) that allows for flavors to linger. It combines with a honey aftertaste that I found particularly pleasing. I also experienced a woody flavor that I am unaccustomed to with clear spirits.

As for mixers, I could really seeing this mixing well with orange juice (a unique twist on a screwdriver) and the company has many cocktails listed on their site, in particular….the Super Fruit Sangria which I plan to make once the rain stops.

Superfruit Sangria

1.5oz VeeV Açaí Spirit

1.5oz Red Wine

.5oz Strawberry Puree or Pomegranate juice

1oz Cranberry Juice

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Shake ingredients well and transfer to brandy or or rocks glass. Garnish with Seasonal Fruit.

Overall, I was really impressed with the complexity of the flavors in this product. I would rate it a solid 4 stars and recommend to all my friends. When you throw in that they practice what the preach with regards to the environment….this is a no brainer. Buy this liquor.

Big Thanks to VeeV for allowing me to review this product, and Happy Earth Day to Everyone

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  1. I found it interesting that no-one had made a liquor out of this (I thought mankind had made booze out of anything imaginable), so I was particularly keen to try.


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