Friday, April 15, 2011

Tommy Gee’s Hot Toddy Recipe

So for the second part of the week I have had a sore throat, and last night I decided to make myself a hot toddy to drink in the bathtub. Let me tell ya, drinking in the tub or shower is a wonderful experience in and of itself; try it sometime after mowing the lawn. Just take a nice cool corn adjunct lager (like a PBR, Stag, Olympia, etc) into the shower while you clean off. There is nothing quite like it. So along the same lines, drinking a hot toddy in the tub when you are sick is a Dionysian escape from the pain of illness.

When I went to my pantry I could not find my honey--so decided to substitute molasses instead, and I think it made the drink even better! (And when I went to pick everything up afterwards, there was the honey bear staring at me IN FRONT of the empty spot in the cupboard where the molasses was. I had to reach past the honey to get to it! Was it luck or divine intervention that led me to this discovery? Either way I was winning!) My recipe below:

Tommy Gee’s Hot Toddy

  • Hot water (8-10 oz)
  • 1 Earl Grey tea bag
  • 2 ts molasses
  • Lemon juice (one wedge, or a couple of squirts from a plastic lemon)
  • 1 oz bourbon

AHHHHH. The pain in my throat went away instantly and all the day’s worries melted from my shoulders. I have to note though that modern medical science does not support treating colds with booze because doctors are annoying little shits who hate happiness. That, and drinking booze leads to dehydration and irritates the throat which I suppose is not so great for you in the long run.

<Ed Note> Interestingly, his Hot Toddy varies from mine (From back in 2009). Molasses, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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