Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Circle is now complete

It took a little longer than I thought it would, but the Little Kids and Booze Trifecta is complete.

Here and Here are the first two parts, now this time we are at Chili’s.

Come on people, if you order a chocolate milkshake and get THIS (see picture below), you should realize you didn’t get what you ordered.

Also, while I get children are smaller and lower tolerance for alcohol, I seriously doubt (given how weak Chili’s makes their drinks) that the child was DIAGNOSED for AOD, but was instead treated as a precaution. What was the BAC?

Parents, when taking your kids out to dinner….TRY their drinks prior to giving them to them. Show some responsibility.


Chili's serves alcoholic beverage to 4-year-old, mom says

4714667CHICAGO (WLS) - A little girl was diagnosed with an alcohol overdose after being served an alcoholic beverage at a Southwest Side restaurant, according to a CBS 2 report.

Tyree Davis tells CBS 2 that she and her 4-year-old daughter Brooklyn were having dinner at a Chili's at 1750 W. 119th Street in Morgan Park on Sunday when Brooklyn ordered a chocolate milkshake but instead, was served a mudslide alcoholic beverage.

Davis realized the drink contained alcohol when she drank it herself after her daughter complained the drink did not taste good.

Davis called police who responded to the restaurant and told Davis to take Brooklyn to the hospital after she began to doze off, according to the report.

So far, Chili's Restaurant has not responded to the incident.



  1. Is that 3 reports of kids being accidently served alcohol in a restaurant now? Is this a scam or what? I would think after the first incident reported restaurants and parents would both be more aware of the possibility of this accidently happening.....And take precautions to prevent it!!!!!

  2. I honestly think this happens more often than you think, BUT...since it is in the media, these parents are reporting it and rushing their kids to the hospital after a few sips in hopes of getting some free cash.


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