Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whatever happened to just Hotdogs, Peanuts and Beer?

First there was Liquor at Fenway, then there was Tweeting for Beer at SafeCo Field and now there is Tequila at “Coors Field”.

I get that Baseball is struggling with attendance.  All you have to do is turn on the TV and see that stadiums are not even close to selling out.  It’s really bad when the lower area (premium season tickets) is not even close to full.  But instead of raping us for ticket prices and $7 Buds (or in Coors Field’s case “Coors Light”), how about lowering ticket prices, make it more family friendly and put a better product on the field?

I think Busch Stadium has done a pretty good mix of “Drunk Section” and “Family Section” as has Wrigley Field.  But adding liquor (and in this case Tequila) to the mix is only going to lead to trouble….especially as fans are becoming more and more violent.  I guess we will see a surge in YouTube Vids in the near future.

What are your thoughts?

Coors Field Camerena tequila connects with connoisseurs

On Friday, I had the opportunity to watch the Colorado Rockies take on the Arizona Diamondbacks at Coors Field in the season opener. Glove in hand and kids in tow, I was ecstatic to once again see the sights and take in the familiar ballpark smells of hot dogs, popcorn, and ... agave?

The Rockies' opener provided me with not only the chance to see the first baseball game of the season, but also to visit Coors Field's new Familia Camarena Tequila Bar. Perched above the bullpen in right-center field, The Camarena outlet allowed me to try tequila I hadn't gotten around to trying. And if you'll forgive an overused baseball metaphor, Camarena really hit it out of the park.

I had mine in a pretty standard ballpark margarita, but it made me want to have a more in depth tasting of Camarena's Reposado later in the weekend. The tequila looks lighter than other reposados but it had a promising nose of vanilla, sweet agave and a hint of black pepper. The front was approachable, with mostly big vanilla and little presence of alcohol. The aftertaste was mild, leaving the palate pleased, and not overpowered.

Camarena's affordability combined with its flavor makes it an early contender for my summertime margarita staple, easily competing with more premium brands like Cazadores. Simply mixed with grapefruit juice (a tequila cocktail favorite) or simply as an after-dinner sipper, Familia Camarena's tequilas are no strikeout.

Go Rockies!

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  1. I guess it is kind of weird that we expect baseball to be a family friendly environment, while for football we accept/expect everyone to tailgate, get drunk, and be rowdy before, during, and after the game.

    I suppose when you are trying to sell seats to 81 home games, you gotta cater to everyone. Also it's a summer sport, so your kids are out of school.

    Like I said, they had booze at the SF Giants years ago (2003), maybe there are youtube videos from there. Guys getting drunk and swearing at Bonds. I might have been tempted if I hadn't been in the nose-bleeds (looking out on a beautiful harbor).
    Above left field there's a bar for the masses at Busch stadium.
    You could buy Jager at Blues hockey games going back 15 years at least.
    Every stadium has bars nearby.

    I'm just not sure the sky is falling...yet. But if they start delivering shots to the seats, we might have a problem.


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