Sunday, April 10, 2011

Booze and Sports News

Of late, there have been quite a few stories involving alcohol and sports.

Liquor at the Fenway, Tweeting for Beer in Seattle and Tequila at Coors Field

As it turns out, there will be more stadiums bringing in Tequila, as Distilleries try to expand their market into baseball with their product and marketing focus at Dodger Stadium,  the San Diego PadresChicago White Sox and a second season with the San Francisco Giants.

While I agree with Jeremy that the end is not neigh with the inclusion of hard liquor at baseball stadiums, I do question the logic (other than making money on the margin).  In particular, I find it funny that the Dodgers are introducing and partnering wit h El Zarco Tequila, while at the same time they are rethinking their Beer Policy

...officials have announced their plan to reconsider half-price beer sales at six games this season, along with serving sizes and when to stop serving.

Isn’t this a mixed message?

Meanwhile, Jeremy brought up a good point that in Football you can Tailgate all day and then go to a game plowed.  I will add that I don’t agree with that either.  More and more, Stadium/Arena Sports are turning into amateur hour, where people who only drink on the weekends try to pound home 5-6 beers in the parking lot to avoid the prices in stadium and then cant handle the situation once in.  I know, I did it myself (IU/PU in 2000….remember that Mike?).  I personally prefer higher security in stadiums with drunks (we’re not EU Soccer Fans, and should act like them) and I’ve seen on countless occasions at ND where if you are even remotely drunk, you don’t get in.

I bring this up due to the second story, where the West Virginia University is considering sales of beer inside the stadium.  I just see this as a completely bad idea, especially considering that at least half of the student body are below the drinking age.  At least they are ending the policy of re-entering the stadium (another of my pet peves in football).

Chime in, what do you think?  Do you think liquor in stadiums is a good idea?  Could it be that the cities are allowing these permits so that their DUI revenue goes up?  Should College Football Stadiums allow beer sales inside the stadium?  Am I off base here and getting to old?

All comments are welcome.


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