Friday, April 1, 2011

This can’t end well…..Liquor at Fenway?

Ok, who thought up this bright idea.  I mean, I am all for no restrictions on sales, but fans are pretty much out of control as it is at most sporting events.  It seems like armature hour whenever you go to a game, as Hillbilly Bob tries to see if he can get a stack of cups as tall as him….ultimately leading to him passed out in his seat, screaming incoherently at no one in particular or puking his lungs out. 

So, all that considered, someone is thinking of injecting hard liquor into the mix?  At least they are showing restraint (hardly) by saying that there shouldn’t be sales in the bleachers.  Imagine if this were Wrigley and they sold liquor in the bleachers…..holy crap.

The only thing they are thinking about is $$$.  I mean, what Executive wouldn’t say – “If I can sell a $2 Beer for $7.50….think of the markup I can do on Liquor”. 

I just cannot see this ending well.



Menino would support limited sales of hard liquor at Fenway

As beer is brought into Fenway Park in advance of next week's Opening Day, the Boston Red Sox want to dramatically expand the sale of hard liquor at the ballpark.
Right now, you can only buy mixed drinks in the high-priced luxury level. But, the Sox have asked the city for permission to sell hard liquor across the entire park -- in all seating areas.
Boston Mayor Tom Menino has a mixed reaction to the idea. He's against the plan as it's currently proposed, but says he would support limited sales of hard liquor -- in five locations of the park.
Menino does not think they should be selling hard liquor in the bleachers.
Menino would also want to require fans to drink the alcohol at the location where they purchased it. In other words, you would not be allowed to take the alcohol back to your seat.
The details of the Red Sox proposal have not come out yet. There is a hearing scheduled to take place next Wednesday at City Hall.


  1. Presumably it's got like one shot in it.

    When I went to a SF Giants game I was shocked (and thrilled) when I got to the top of the outside stairwell and there was a bar selling mixed drinks.

    The one thing I will say is that it's one thing to drink Jäger at a hockey game where it's 55 degrees and another to drink whiskey at a baseball game when it's 90.

  2. So True...getting liquored up in the heat would be bad.

    How much were the mixed drinks?


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