Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Go Wodka

Whenever Glenn sends something over, he just sends a link. Of course he is to lazy to actually send an opinion or maybe some background research….just a link. I guess that’s why he has me, to do the legwork Smile with tongue out

So, yesterday he send over a link for Vodka in a Tube.

So, here we go.

Go Wodka in a tube has undergone a few transformations since inception in Australia.

Called Go Vodka in Australia, and Go Wodka (as it doesn’t meet the EU Qualifications for Vodka) in Germany, it’s hard to tell if this company is still in business.

The Facebook Group for GoVodka has a last post of January 10th 2010.

There are two websites (Go-more.com for Go Wodka and GoVodka.com.au) both have old content and seem stagnant.

I wonder if the company has closed due to THIS STORY outlining that it is banned in Australia (due to it’s marketing towards kids….geez).

Information is just shaky.

What I am hoping is that my friends in Germany (or Oz/NZ) could track some down and either send it to us or write a review.

It looks interesting and I would love to hear more.

Cheers- E


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