Monday, April 11, 2011

I used to thinks Switzerland was cool

I remember back in the late 80’s in Europe, you could go to clubs and there would be people going through giving away free mini-bottles and cigarrettes (in neat 3 packs).  It was awsome.

Well, it appears Switzerland is trying to ruin that for the upcoming generations of party goers.

In the land where you see people carrying machine guns home as they are returning from their “Reserve Weekend”, where there is no enforced drinking or smoking age and you can have a bank account with no name associated…..they are trying to ban free beer at bars.

To think, I used to think Switzerland was Cool.

Switzerland May Ban Free Beer

GENEVA –  Free beer will reportedly be verboten soon in Switzerland, if the government has its way.
Swiss weekly Sonntag says the Cabinet has drafted a plan to ban restaurateurs from offering any free drinks to customers.
It cited the director of the Swiss Alcohol Board on Sunday as saying an existing ban on promotions involving other alcoholic beverages would be extended to include beer.
Alexandre Schmidt says publicans would still be allowed to offer "spontaneous" rounds to regulars.
The proposal has drawn strong opposition from the hospitality industry as free beer promotions are common in bars, restaurants and at public events in Switzerland.
Gastrosuisse chief Bernhard Kuster likened the new law to prohibition and said it would do nothing to stop alcohol abuse.

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