Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ron De Jeremy Rum–THE Review


Alcohol is the Mother of Invention.  There, I’ve said it.  I know of many brilliant ideas that have sprung up due to a few guys drinking around a Bar (“Drinking, The Roleplaying Game comes to mind).  While none of my epiphany moment have ever hit this scale, so hats off to Finland’s own Ollie Hietalahti and Jouko Laune for coming up with the idea to produce a rum with Ron Jeremy’s name attached while sitting in a bar in Amsterdam (Man, I STILL have to do my Heineken Brewery Review).

To put together a company, find a spokesman and finally produce a quality spirit is a huge accomplishment.  If they didn’t already own a Rum business, I would buy them a drink (I still would if I ran across them….Fingers Crossed).

We’ve been covering Ron De Jeremy Rum for some time here at Smokes & Booze (HERE and HERE) and I have been chomping at the bit to get a bottle since I first heard about it.  When my bottle arrived last week, I was literally doing a happy dance (just ask Simon).

The packaging is great, with a heavy glass bottle and a simple tan label (with Ron’s visage) that compliments the amber color of the rum.  Nothing flashy……basic and beautiful.

I have been “sampling” the contents for the last few days, so I thought I better put a review down before it is all gone.  Why?  Because it is that good.

Created by Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez  and distilled by Alcoholes y Rones de Panama, our Danish friends have hit a home run.

ColorColor – Still clear and perfect.  The amber hues catch the light and almost twinkle when you admire the glass.

Nose – Orange, vanilla and spice

Taste – A perfect sipping rum, the orange flavors really come through.  Overtones of Carmel and Vanilla add to the allure, but it is the finish with a hint of sea salt (insert your Ron Jeremy Joke Here) that really takes this drink to the next level.  In fact (as I commented on Twitter), this rum strikes me as more of a “Speyside Scotch” vs a rum, in that the flavors blend perfectly and really compliment each other. 

Overall - With a cigar (I sampled mine with the always great Gurkha Shaggy Madero), this is hands down the best sipping rum I have ever had. Even if you are not a cigar smoker, this rum is great neat (or on the rocks) and definitely captures the essence of what a good rum should be.  Not very often do I hand out 5 Stars to a drink…..but today is the day for it.  Congrats to Ron De Jeremy Rum and everyone involved.  You have created a spirit that will now become a staple in my home and should be in bars everywhere.  GREAT JOB.

I can’t wait until Randy gets a bottle, as he is my mixed drink guy and I eagerly anticipate what concoctions he puts together with this.

I only know of two places (so far) to purchase Ron De Jeremy – Masters of Malt and  DrinkUpNY, but hopefully soon there will be a push nationwide (with Ron doing a supporting act?).

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  1. You have sold me on this rum. I can't wait get a bottle and try it! I had been waiting to see the reviews come out. I figured that I would get a bottle no matter how the reviews were because the name would make it a conversation piece, but now I can't wait to try it.


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