Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sometimes Glenn sends me some good stuff

Glenn sent me an interesting link via FB yesterday.  I wish he would just bite the bullet (or drink the Bullet Bourbon) and join me here at Smokes and Booze as another writer.  He might as well, as he submits stuff to me all the time.  Come on Glenn.

Anyway, here is a unique opportunity to get a limited edition Rum by one of the greatest actors of all time……yep, you guessed it – Ron Jeremy.

Ron de Jeremy Rum  RON_portrait

Drink of a Legend 

Ron de Jeremy Rum is an exceptionally well-balanced 7-year old premium rum from Panama.  It has an inviting light amber color with a very attractive copper hues.  The aroma is that of carefully aged rum, with a harmoniously balanced orchestra of oak, fruit and spices.  It opens up smoothly, showcasing a high level of craftsmanship.  The oak comes through robustly and satisfyingly, yet gently enough to allow hints of vanilla dn raw sugarcane to reveal them selves.  The finish is elegant and long.

Ron de Jeremy Rum is hand crafted by another legend, 72-year old Cuban born Master Distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez.  Don Panchi inspected his best barrels to hand pick the ones worthy of becoming Ron de Jeremy.

Ron de Jeremy sips perfectly, neat or savored over the rocks and mixes beautifully to make superb drinks.


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