Friday, January 21, 2011

An Equal Opportunity Offender

Ok, this goes out to Glenn.

For the record, I love Glenn to death.  He and I have been over (and under) the humps more than just about anyone.  We go way back.

Today, in response to my post regarding the Obama/Chine State Dinner (and it’s crazy wine prices) Glenn said-

Sounds like a typical high level business meeting... over priced and over the top. I'd expect nothing less. Would you question this were this a Republican. Did you check go through the trash can when Bush hosted the Chinese for lunch?
I'm just pointing out your hatred for the current administration is a bit over the top. I'm an equal opportunity hater. Fuck'm all, brown bag the event PBnJ good enough for the kids it's good enough for these prigs. They need to be focused on normalizing relations, economic issues, trade and why these fuckers wont leave my PC alone!

Ahhhhhhhhh….the Gauntlet was dropped.

First and foremost, he is correct.  I do not like the current administration.  I didn’t vote for him and some people might even say I am a closet Birther (but not lunatic fringe Birther).  That being said, if I found out a Republican was spending that much…..hell yeah I would be bitching about it. 

So, to be fair…..I Googled Bush State Dinners and took the first two that came up (I also included another Obama Administration State Dinner as well for comparison).  Here were the results-

Bush State Dinner with President of Ghana

Gratin of Maine Lobster

Late Summer Corn Pudding
Shafer Chardonnay "Red Shoulder" 2006 - $49.99
Whipped Sweet Potato

Creamed Spinach
Pride Mountain Merlot "Vintner Select" 2005 - $70
Roasted Red, Gold and White Baby Beets

Chicory and Blue-veined Cheese

Apple Cider Vinaigrette
Banana Coconut Pudding

Graham Cracker Crumble and Cocoa Pod Shell
Schramsberg "Crémant" 2004 (Compare Prices)- $34

Bust State Dinner with Prime Minister of Italy

Delicata Squash Soup with Citron

Maine Lobster Fondue
Artichoke and Reggiano Cheese Ravioli

Ponzi Chardonnay "Reserve" 2005 $32.02

Rosemary-crusted Elysian Farm Lamb
Crispy Eggplant and Swiss Chard

Robert Mondavi Cabernet "Reserve" 2005 $53.44

"Santa Maria" Chocolate Napoleon

Iron Horse "Russian River Cuvée" 2003 $34.99

Obama State Dinner with Prime Minister of India

Dinner Menu
Potato and Eggplant Salad
White House Arugula With Onion Seed Vinaigrette
2008 Sauvignon Blanc, Modus Operandi, Napa Valley, California $32.99
Red Lentil Soup with Fresh Cheese
2006 Riesling, Brooks “Ara”, Wilamette Valley, Oregon $25.95

Roasted Potato Dumplings With Tomato Chutney
Chick Peas and Okra


Green Curry Prawns
Caramelized Salsify With Smoked Collard Greens and Coconut Aged Basmati
2007 Granache, Beckmen Vineyards, Santa Ynez, California $20.29

Pumpkin Pie Tart
Pear Tatin
Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce
Sparkling Chardonnay, Thibaut Janisson Brut, Monticello, Virginia $27.99

Petits Fours and Coffee
Cashew Brittle
Pecan Pralines
Passion Fruit and Vanilla Gelees
Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

As you can see, while Bush did splurge on one wine (for $70), the majority of the wines over all are pretty reasonably priced.  Even the $70 isn’t that bad, as I have seen worse at restaurants. 

My take on the China State Dinner, is that we were showing off….and this is definitely not the time to show off.  Spending is way out of control and needs to be taken into check.  I totally disagree with how we are dealing with China (who plays their currency openly to devalue the dollar) vs how we deal with our allies (Hey Britain, here are some DVDs and copies of my speeches or Hey Canada, let me settle that beer bet with some cheap beer) .

I too am an equal opportunity hater (just ask me, I hate everyone), so don’t think I wouldn’t go after someone on the right if they made a gaffe.  It just happens to be coincidence that this blog started during the Obama Admin.  I can’t help that it has been a target rich environment-

Finally, to be a fair and responsible journalist (I knew THAT would get you laughing)….I will even post this picture I came across while researching.   – Cheers


  1. Who got the POWA! I gotz deh powa dat who!

  2. First, the trade deficit between the US and China is about $250 billion. Let's assume we want the government run efficiently like a business, which is pretty much the mainstream GOP and libertarian view--even some libs agree if you change it to "run like your own household."

    So, if the US was a corporation and Obama was the CEO, and you were a shareholder, would you really say these things about a very rare and important CEO to (rival? partner?) CEO business dinner for an account worth up to $250,000,000,000.00?

    How far would any salt-of-the-Earth small business owner go for an account worth a fraction of that?

  3. Second, only Ed would assume that every single person [on average] at an important state function with immense diplomatic implications would drink half a bottle of wine each.

    Of course the further assumption is that the only wine they drank was the most expensive bottle, even though it wasn't available in the other courses.

    Alright, whatever. Call it $44k. It would take seventy-two THOUSAND of those dinners to buy one submarine.* If we had held this state dinner every single day since the founding fathers, that would have bought ONE sub.

    What the hell do we need a huge fleet of subs, destroyers, battleships, and aircraft carriers for? The same goes for about 75% of our air force, and 95% of our tanks, artillery, etc.

    Subs are good for spying. But the rest of it is mostly excessive. In the past 10 years all I can think of our navy being used for is:
    1) Creating new reefs
    2) Humanitarian aid to third world countries (tsunamis, earthquakes, etc)
    3) Environmental clean-up (Horizon)

    Those are all progressive agendas! The only thing our vast military arsenal is good for is hippy stuff.
    And that's just the Navy.

    We have even less use for having tens of thousands (literally) of fighter planes and tanks and bombers and artillery pieces on hand for the missions we engage in.
    [Spy/recon/transport/light vehicles are a different story.]

    Aside from the fact that an expensive (-ish) dinner with China's leader makes cents [25 trillion of them], anyone who genuinely cares about out of control spending must have a heart attack when they hear a story about what we are spending on the military.

    * This is a dirty trick: I'm sort of hoping to watch a republican defend the commissioning of the USS Jimmy Carter.

  4. Too long didn't read (or prefer another medium):
    Bill Maher on same subject
    Start at 1:33 to skip a lot of the tea party crap.

  5. Gee....I was giving them the benefit of the doubt by only assuming 1/2 bottle of wine each. You should have seen me at the NSI Christmas Party where I was chugging out of the bottle :P


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