Saturday, January 1, 2011

Smokes and Booze, a year in review

Wow….who would have thought that I would have the dedication and wherewithal to maintain a blog for more than a year?  I guess I just needed the proper subject matter.

While the first post officially was on October 30th 2009, it wasn’t until Jan 27th that we had Google Analytics installed on the site….and how enlightening that was.

Since then, S&B has had almost 11,000 Pageviews on 7000 visits.


General traffic has trended upwards over the year and we currently have over 75 regular followers.

The Number 1 Page viewed all your was my Fireball Whiskey review, which appears to rank fairly high with Google (a lot of traffic from Search Engines). 

We’ve been viewed in every state in US and by 89 countries worldwide.    Hopefully, in 2011, the our Global Domination will continue.


There have been several new features for the blog, such asimage

Facebook Share- where you can link a particular story on your Facebook page.

Search the Blog- Looking for something in particular

Twitter – Follow S&B on Twitter and we will follow you as well Smile



Network Blogs- Use this to stay in touch with us





Labels- See what the most prominent subjects are on S&B.


We are friends with two other blogs; Instant Riches through Copper Investment, LLC (Formally Days of Booze) and My Side of the Bar.  Both have contributed and provided their own insight over the year and I look forward to trading more with them in the future.

We’ve had three interviews in 2011 and are looking forward to more in 2011, as I hope to get feedback from NFL Player Trevor Laws and R. Lee Ermey added to the prestigious list of that includes James, Morton Ahput and Mark Zable (creator of Fried Beer).  If you can think of others or can provide contacts, let me know.

We’ve had good news with 2 followers joining the Army (Henry and Donnie) and the continues service/safe return home of others (Gordie and Scott).  You guys continue to make us proud.

We’ve had several sad passings as well – Both the TInderbox Vino 100 and Hemmingway’s in Columbia have closed, both victims of the poor economy and the silly smoking bans in Columbia MO.  You both will be sorely missed.

Overall, I think 2010 was a success for the Blog and I hope you enjoyed following as much as I enjoyed doing it.  I look forward to 2011, where we can all raise a glass or smoke a cigar together.

Cheers…..and thanks for everything.


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