Sunday, January 30, 2011


TommyG (from the somewhat defunct DaysofBooze ) sent this over to me today via FB -

Check out today's groupon. You can buy a $40 gift cert to Sake for $20. You can use it on sushi or martinis. Thats like free booze!


For those of you who have never used Groupon – You sign up for your area; check your Facebook, email or Twitter and presto….coupon Deals.  You can even share them with friends as well (although they will have to sign up as well).

Not a bad deal today, I think I will buy one.  Smile

Thanks Tom.

BTW, you get $10 Groupon Bucks for everyone that signs up, so I have posted a link on  Twitter , sign up and help me out- Cheers.

Ed Note – Here is the link in case some of you don’t use twitter.

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