Thursday, January 6, 2011

Probably the greatest invention EVER

We’ve all been there, and you know it’s true.

You go to a bar, buy a round of beer, carry it back to the table and notice that one of the glasses is lower than the other.  USUALLY, as the buyer, you take that beer for yourself and think….it’s cant be that much…..RIGHT?

Well, wrong.  And this is proven by a great invention called “The Beer Gauge”.

Invented by Chris Holloway and marketed under the tagline of “Don’t get short poured again at a bar”, the Beer Guage is a credit card sized device that measures from the top of a pint glass and tell you what percentage of the beer is missing….often with surprising results.

At the website, Chris get’s into the theory, and I particularly like how he points out in Europe that all the glasses have a specific line they must fill too.  This is so true and something I have felt the US should  have been doing since 1776.  Even the German Maas Glass served at fests SHOULD be served up the the band at the top (although I still remember the commotion I started with Connie and Mike when I sent one back at Oktoberfest). 








This is probably the best drinking invention I have seen in a long time and it gets 1000% of the Smokes and Booze endorsement.  I’ve ordered mine today….and you should too.

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