Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tobacco vs Politics…which is more dangerous?

Ok, the following actor is not mainstream (he’s Bollywood), but he does bring up a good point….one that I somewhat agree with, but I disagree with the motivation.

You see, far to often, Hollywood (Bollywood/Actors and Athletes in general) think they know what is best for everyone.  Their way is right, and no matter what you think….if it isn’t in line with their core beliefs (or what their handler tells them), you are an idiot.

In this case, Sanjay Dutt has decided to quit endorsing tobacco products after he has realized “that young and impressionable minds can be influenced adversely through these brand promotions.”

While commendable, will Mr. Dutt also abstain from making any political announcements, displays of lifestyle (sexual preference) choices or quit wearing the designer clothing he is given to act as promotional items?  All of these can have an adverse affect on someone (even clothing, as kids are still being killed for their designer shoes).

Celebrities have no additional insight to the running of the world, instead they listen to their handlers/agents and make the majority of their decisions based on PR moves and selling seats at movies, tickets to games and/or records.  It’s all about the money, vs the love of doing it.

I could be wrong about Mr. Dutt, but I doubt it….I feel he wants a better image and to keep his name in the headlines, especially with one film completed and two in filming at the time of this release.


Sanjay Dutt to stop endorsing tobacco products

Press Trust of India

Wednesday, January 05, 2011 (Mumbai)

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has decided against endorsing gutka brands and tobacco products, saying he realised that young and impressionable minds can be influenced adversely through these brand promotions.
Sources close to the actor said Dutt had read newspaper reports about doctors asking him to stop endorsing gutka products in a letter.
"He had not received any such letter. But, he made up his mind to do so. He will not renew his contract with the gutka brand," they said.
According to the sources, Dutt is also trying to quit smoking.
"He would like to set an example for his kids. He has decided to stop using and endorsing products that are considered bad for health. However, all this will happen slowly, as there is also his existing contract with the gutka company to consider," they said.
"The actor has realised that young and impressionable minds can be influenced adversely through these brand promotions. He is planning to take corrective measures soon," they added.
Doctors organisations had last week written a letter to the actor asking him to stop endorsing gutka and tobacco.
The letter said the actor had witnessed pain of cancer in his family and hence should disassociate himself from addictive and lethal substances.
The doctors had reminded the actor of his influence on young impressionable minds and also urged him to consider his late father Sunil Dutt's campaign against cancer.
Meanwhile, city doctors have welcomed Dutt's positive response to their request.
"It means a lot to us that he has been influenced by our campaign. We hope more and more people are motivated to kick the tobacco habit," said Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, associate professor, head and neck cancer department, Tata Memorial hospital.

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