Thursday, January 6, 2011

3 Stories in the news

Wow, today has been a Smokes and Booze News Day, that is for sure.

Two of the stories actually highlight the stupid laws on the books, which is particularly sad given THIS recent story out of Mass.

In Great Neck NY, you can get a $1000 fine for smoking on the sidewalk.  $1000 for smoking?  Are you Serious?  This is a worse fine than reckless driving or driving uninsured. 

Meanwhile, in Maryland….they want to impose a DIME a drink at Bars, Pubs and Resturants, PLUS a 60 cent raise on 6packs and bottles of wine to raise $215 Million in revenue.  Considering that 44% of Marylanders (their numbers) do not drink, this is taking sin tax to the extreme. 

Finally, this story shows that Britain “get’s it’-

Police and councillors in Essex are considering the unusual move as a way of tackling the issue of anti-social drinkers who gather in the historic town centre.

The so-called "wet-zone" would allow problem drinkers to be given somewhere where they are free to consume alcohol without fear of being moved on by police, but away from shoppers and tourists. READ MORE HERE

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  1. Smoking bans and laws are a great reason to join CRA


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