Friday, January 28, 2011

Another foray into Cheap Beer

Back in April, I posted about 7-11 stepping into the Cheap Beer market with their branded product Gameday.  My interests were piqued, but I could never locate it (we even tried in South Bend to no avail).

Now, another vendor has jumped into the scene…..Walgreens and their product Big Flats.  For the record….I love the name, hate the label.  The good thing, this is being sold at WALGREENS.  Considering that there are probably more Walgreens than Walmarts in America, this meens it should be pretty easy to get some of this FIFTY CENTS A CAN beer.  A review is sure to follow.

Brewed and Distributed for Walgreens by Winery Exchange, its only a matter of time before Big Flats becomes the Generic Beer of the People.  I can feel it.  No more White Cans that say Beer.  You can even pick up a six pack while getting an oxygen refill or an extra box of Preperation-H. 

Sarcasm aside, I am intrigued because Winery Exchange has put out some good beers -

  • Four of our domestic craft beers were ranked in the Top 15 New Craft Brands of 2006
  • Tap Room 21 Amber Ale was awarded a Gold Medal at Monde Selection for outstanding quality in 2009
  • Roscoe’s Hop House Amber Ale was awarded a Gold Medal/Exceptional at the BTI World Beer Championship in 2009

I just don’t see how they can put out any quality whatsoever, at that price mark. 

I’ll try it, but it will never replace Stag as my go-to cheapy.

Ed Note – This product is so new (or mis-marketed) that their advertised website is still a DNS Placeholder.  Nice.

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