Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now, if I were only flying to Japan….

I’m actually a little stunned that this has taken so long to happen.  First, with everyone being so “Environmentally Conscious”, you would think that beer on tap would save on all those cans and plastic bottles being used every day.  Secondly, even if it is Coors, tapped beer has to taste better than those cans and plastic bottles.

I’m excited about this….especially if Guinness gets on board and I can start having a proper pint on a flight to the UK.  Of course, knowing American Airlines, it will be $15 a pint.  But it does pose the question….why only 20 cups?

ANA becomes the first airline to offer beer on tap

Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways announced this morning that it will be the first airline ever to offer beer on tap during flights. The kegs are going to be installed and running on domestic flights -- mostly to and from the island chain of Okinawa -- from July 20.

At ¥800-1,000, the prices are comprable to what you'd expect in most Tokyo bars. According to Japan Probe, the service has previously been problematic to install due to air pressure issues. Nevertheless, only 20 cups worth will be available on all but the Tokyo-Okinawa service, so get your orders in shortly after take-off!

Beer service routes from July 20:

Tokyo Haneda – Fukuoka (after 1700LT)
Tokyo Haneda – Sapporo Chitose (after 1700LT)
Tokyo Haneda – Okinawa
Osaka Itami – Okinawa
Osaka Kansai – Okinawa
Nagoya – Okinawa
Fukuoka – Okinawa

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  1. Most of the time bear on Tap is over carbonated.

    I would prefer a cold bottle


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