Friday, January 14, 2011

My Brother was (sorta) famous…so buy my wine

Sometimes people really disgust me….and when I say that, I usually mean the people in the entertainment business/Hollywood.

You know who I am talking about….the entertainment primadonna that want everything handed to them on a silver platter.  When they go to awards shows, they expect the swag bags full of stuff (HERE).  They are the folks who believe they should tell the common person how to think with regards to politics (HERE) or even smoking (HERE). 

Celebs are also the ones that tell us we should use Product X, Y or Z.  Sometimes it’s funny, like the Suntory adds with Bill Murry, but most of the time (to me) it comes across as bad.  You often tell yourself….year right, as if they ever go shopping or put on their own makeup.

So now we have Ozzy Osborne teaming up with  Kathy  D'Argenzio to shill  D'Argenzio Winery.  Who is Kathy Kathy D'Argenzio?  Oh, I forgot to include the her maiden name…..Kathy RHOADS D'Argenzio, sister of the deceased Randy Rhoads who toured with Ozzy and died in 1982 during a prank to buzz the Tour bus with an Airplane.

You see… appears that D’Agenzio winery is so in the tank that Kathy created a wine dedicated to her brother to commemorate what would be his 54th Birthday. 

I am sure Randy was an conesouir of fine wines the world over, especially while popping pills and getting high.  All the best heavy metal bands of the 80’s were into wine… this is a logical product endorsement.


This is just a money grab to cash in on her famous brother, especially when the wine is $54 dollars a bottle.

To make matters worse, we have Ozzy endorsing the wine on his upcoming tour……

Ozzy Osbourne will be paying tribute to his former guitarist Randy Rhoads on his upcoming North American tour by serving up wine named after the late rocker at his after-show parties.

Limited edition Randy Rhoads Cabernet Sauvignon will be offered to lucky VIP room guests at every concert.

Furthermore, when Osbourne brings his show to Los Angeles on February 1 the VIP room itself will be named after Rhoads, who died in a plane crash in 1982.

The D'Argenzio Winery's 2005 Randy Rhoads Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that was produced as a special tribute to Randy by his sister, Kathy Rhoads D'Argenzio.

Proceeds from a raffle to win the wine and other Rhoads-related items during the tour will benefit the Randy Rhoads Charitable Trust fund.

Osbourne's concerts begin on Wednesday at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Slash will join the rocker on some dates.

Paying tribute by serving a wine with his name……how touching Ozzy.

I loved Black Sabbath back in the day…and Blizzard of Oz was awesome.  But don’t drag someone’s name out just to make a few bucks….especially when the person doesn’t match the product being pitched.


  1. you haven't got a clue of what you're talking about

  2. Then enlighten me Terje. I welcome all comments here, and would love to know more of the story behind this. Feel free to email me -

  3. Randy wasn't "sorta" famous, he is known as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, you HAVENT got a clue of what you're talking about. And so what if she makes a few bucks, you don't think Randy would support his sister being in business?

  4. Read my retort to John M. Here -

  5. There are stories of Randy paying for classical lessons in every city he visited and spending hours at a time perfecting one guitar solo, but I've never heard of him popping pills or snorting cocaine.

  6. whoever wrote this is a moron, get a life

  7. Actually, Randy was a wine drinker. That and cigarettes were his "drug" vices. I can't find a link to upload photos but there are many out there. He was indeed a wine drinker and certainly famous enough to be remembered worldwide more than thirty years after his demise. And whether the intent is good or bad, capitalism is a good thing...

  8. Ed Bell, you my dear friend are a complete moron/ asshole.sorta famous?? Do you even realize the inspiration and legacy her brother has left behind? The autopsy came back showing nicotine...thats it. What a completely rude and inconsiderate (not to mention inaccurate) remark to make about a deceased man. What a joke

  9. Fn idiot!
    All the musicians that knew him from that era attest to the fact that Randy was a professional musician whom would rather practice than party.
    You are a complete jackass for saying something like you did about person who is long dead and can't defend his legacy.

  10. The only thing in Randy's system was nicotine so your insinuation that he was popping pills and doing drugs is false. I know im extremely late on this comment but this pissed me off.

  11. The only thing in Randy's system was nicotine so your insinuation that he was popping pills and doing drugs is false. I know im extremely late on this comment but this pissed me off.


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