Monday, January 31, 2011

Custom Bourbon Label

Lately, vendors have been trying to come up with interesting ways to get customers to buy their products.

First you have Miller asking to be your SPONSOR, Friends of Laphroaig, and don’t even get me started on the excellent swag program by Maker’s Mark (actually, I have started writing about that 3 times now and just can’t seem to finish).  Well, now you have Customized Labels.

I first ran across this with Crown Royal and now Knob Creek is giving it a try.


Here is the blurb from their website-

There are only two things better than a bottle of Knob Creek—a bottle with your name on it and a gift bottle with your personal message.

Complete the simple steps below to personalize your Knob Creek® labels. They are a great reflection of your personal style. Feel free to add your own unique message... for example: "This friendship has been aging as long as this bottle—9 years."

You can have as many labels as you want, but as with Knob Creek®, moderation is the best policy. And so is discretion, which is why we reserve the right to refuse printing of any inappropriate material. Enjoy the privilege responsibly and fill out only as many as you really need.

You will receive a flat label with instructions to affix to your personal bottle.

So, using birthdays/gifts as the marketing ploy….they have next to Zero Investment to get other’s to try their whiskey.  Still a little gimmicky – but if done right, I can see this being pretty cool as well.

I wish they would let you change the font though.

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  1. Customs labels are really effective to get some quick impressions. But these labels should be of creative designs.


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