Monday, February 8, 2010

Friends of Laphroaig


Ok, I am a shill for free stuff.  If a company wants to send me swag, I am more than willing to stand on my head to get it. 

From the Free Tasting Kit from Killian’s, to everything that Maker’s Mark sends with their Ambassador program…..I dig that stuff.

This weekend, I noticed the little flier for “Friends of Laphroaig” in my whiskey tube, so I checked it out.

First, the flier itself is pretty good…with tasting notes and a little history.  But what really caught my eye…


I was hooked.

Logging onto Laphroaig’s site was easy, and clicking the “Friends” tab brought you to the right area.  Here you have to put in the UPC symbol from the tube and a little personal information from and that was it. 

I was a land owner.

plot 2


I have even reached out to my “Neighbors” to see if we can expand Smokes and Booze even further.

In addition to the above, every time you buy a bottle of Laphroaig, the same pamphlet I mentioned earlier has a unique code.  Put that code in and you get 10 point.  Accumulate points…..get prizes.  So not only do I get to drink my favorite booze, but I get a reward for it as well.

Man……I love this company.

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  1. Ok this is far to cool, off to the store to purchase a tube!



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