Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Patriotism and Drinking on a Budget

Hey, the economy is down and you can’t always afford to hit the top shelf liquors every time.

In fact, there are days that you just go out and buy a 6-pack of Stag and let it go at that. 

But what about when you are in the mood for some hard liquor and your wallet is a little light?  Well, I might have the answer.

I had imageseen FRÏS Vodka several times at my local store out here in the sticks.  I kinda passed over it on my way to the bourbons, especially since Vodka is not my thing and I have to be careful what I pour for Debi, or else she gets headaches from the impurities.

Anyway, for Christmas I had gotten her a Vodka Infuser so she could make her own flavored vodkas (That is her own story and maybe she will write about it someday).  After I had bought it, I spoke with Randy from MySideofthebar and found he does vodka infusions…in fact, he wrote about it HERE

If you notice in that blog, you can see a bottle of  FRÏS (and Skull Head as well…which I introduced him to).  When I queried him as to whether it was a quality vodka…he replied it is great.  The wheels were moving for me to try some.

A few weeks later, I am back at my local Moser’s and I see FRÏS on the rack again….and it was only $11 a bottle?  What the hell, I grabbed one, only to find out when I got it home… was Grape flavored. 

I know what you are saying….wasted money.  But in reality, it was REALLY REALLY GOOD.  This 40% bombshell tasted exactly like grape KoolAid and could be drank straight or on ice (I preferred it cold).  You don’t even realize you are drinking Vodka.  The company is owned by Absolute, and the name FRÏS (pronounced "freeze") comes from Danish words for "frost" and "Ice". Fris Vodka is the only vodka in the world produced with a patented Freeze Distilled process and this is the reason (according to them ) for it’s smooth velvety taste.  In fact, this vodka is so good…it was Awarded a Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2 years in a row, 2000 and 2001.

Overall….A C+/B- : A great every-so-often drink.

Now I needed a mixer.

Again I was back at Moser’s (you have no idea how much time I spend there), when I was drawn to a can with an American Flag paint scheme and the words Ol’ Glory on it.

WHAT??? Glory

Ol’Glory claims to be “America’s Energy Drink” and comes in 16oz cans……for ONLY $.99 ea, how bad could this be? Of course, vigilant readers of this blog might recall moving day with TommyG and THIS ENTRY

But anyway, the can also has the Pledge of Allegiance and Army National Guard Toll Free Number on it……there is no way I could pass this up.

I was almost giddy going home, wondering how well this would mix with my FRÏS Grape Vodka.

Before I mixed it, I took a taste just to see how it was.  Surprisingly, it was comparable with Red bull….although not as heavy on the Taurine.  It was actually a workable substitute.

Here is the drink -

Red, White and WOW

2oz FRÏS Grape Vodka

4oz Ol’ Glory


Pour the FRÏS and the Ol’ Glory in a shaker with ice and mix well.

Pour into a tall glass over crushed ice and drizzle with grenadine.

Give it a try and let me know your opinions……I’m biased since I invented it :) 

I know after drinking 3 of these……I was singing this song…


Finally, all joking aside….Ol’ Glory was a great mixer (IMO) and when I was researching for this post, I found out that a portion of every purchase goes towards Operation Homefront, a great cause.  You can read about that on their website HERE.  For the price, it blows the doors off of Red bull and you get 16oz per can vs the 8.4oz in Red Bull.  When you are drinking on a budget, it’s those little things that really count….and for that, I salute you Ol’ Glory.

Until next time ….Cheers.

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