Tuesday, February 23, 2010

8 Manly Drinks that every guy must try

Thanks to Crash for sending over THIS LINK to the “8 Manly Drinks that every guy must try”.

Now, I won’t copy the article verbatim, but shall instead do what the article didn’t do, crosslink each on on the list so you too can learn about them yourselves.

8 Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon

7 Legacy’s Euphoria Ale (Caution….Dead Link)

6 Sauza Hornitos Tequila – Neat website, one of the few where you input a date and it didn’t take July 4th 1776 as a valid birthday.  I was also caught off guard by the sliding peephole. 

5 Spiced Rum with Apple Cider – Link is to a video on how to make…after watching, I have no idea how this made the “Manly List”

4 Manhattan – Link to the recipe

3 Knappogue Castle

2 Grimbergen – The only beer on the list.  The site is in Belgian and French…no English.  Does this mean we can’t get it in the US?

1 Laphroaig Scotch – Of course the NUMBER 1 Manly Drink is my favorite Scotch. 


  1. I have some work to do. Only tried 2/10
    His Manhattan Recipe is the same as mine. I am still convinced it is all in the vermouth.

  2. I have had 7 of the 8 so I am now on the lookout for Euphoria ale. Grimbergen is available in the US on rare occasions and is pretty tasty but I don't know what makes it more manly than others. Most Belgians aren't what I would call burly beers other than sometime high alcohol content. Give me a double crooked tree or something that will put some hair on your sack.


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